Jeffrey History

Artist: Jeffrey Fulvimari  

In this feature, we would like to introduce you some of Jeffrey Fulvimari’s works from the past.

It has been over 10 years since CWC met Jeffrey Fulvimari. He would like to say “Hello” to all of you again at the gallery at the end of this month.。

Do you remember when was the first time you see Jeffrey’s artwork? Jeffrey has been working on various kinds of products like book covers, calendars, TV commercials or even wallets. You would definitely recognize his works from somewhere like posters in trains, billboards in the city, or department stores. 。

So, let’s us introduce you some of his works!


Caz Cover

His work was the cover girl like top model.

Fashionable. His work never been out of date!


His artwork had been featured at Sagamiono Mylord for a whole year!


Lois Vitton
Limited edition scarf. A must have item for stylish girls.


Mos Burger

Jeffrey’s artworks are not only for girls!



Schedule books and stationary by popular brand, Quovadis. You can get these items at PLAZA!



From 2D illustration to 3D character! Sunstar Ora2.



Happy Interior Feng Shui.
Beautiful eye power! 。

Best gift tableware.


English Roses

Madonna’s first children book! Of course, these are all Jeffrey’s illustrations!



There are still a lot more those are not introduced here. Please stay tune for his fabulous event news!