Welcome to the artist's atelier!

Artist: tomoto   masaki ryo.   Chico Hayasaki  

In this special feature, we would like to introduce you artists’ ateliers! Let’s see what kind of place that artists create their works. Atelier is a place full with creativities and inspirations. Let’s take a look at some of these special spaces.

masaki ryo.

This is Masaki Ryo’s atelier. His work is mainly for woman magazines and fashion brands. This white space looks very pretty. Masaki always uses painting knife with his work, but a computer is also very important for any illustrators.


Chico Hayasaki

This is Chico Hayasaki’s atelier. This room decorated with stylish items looks just like her artworks. You can copy this nice interior style!。



Tomoto’s main characters are panda and bear. This cute space looks like those characters sweet home!



These ateliers have very inspirational interior! We will introduce more artists’ ateliers next time. Please stay tune!