Andrew Bylo

Artist: Andrew Bylo  

Interview with Andrew Blyo.


<<Interview with Andrew Bylo>>


* What drove you to becoming an artist?


I've always drawn since I can remember, and always felt art would be my life one way or another


* Can you describe a bit of your creative process?


It's a bit manic really.  Work like mad, leave it alone, look and evaluate the next day.  I'm very spontaneous.  It either works or it doesn't.  I don't like to labor over things.


*How many countries have you traveled so far?


I like to paint and draw wherever I go.  This is what I do best.  You can

see from my images that many of them are done on my travels - Spain, France,Greece, The Caribbean, Ukraine.


*Have you traveled Japan?


I've never been to Japan!


* How do you get yourself ready to create?


I like to start with a good breakfast first of all.  I can't leave home with out!  I keep hens, so I like to watch them in the garden while I'm eating, and of course they provide eggs too.  But I work from a studio it's important for me to go to work - it puts me in the right mood.  I think

I might be lazy if I worked from home.



* What is your impression of Japan and how does your work relate to it?


I think the Japanese really appreciate very special things and that they are

a very respectful people.  My special skill is my painting and drawing on

the spot, I don't work on the images afterwards.


 * Where do you find your inspiration?


I find inspiration in the little things around me.  Because I mostly draw

and paint from life, I try to see the remarkable moments in the ordinary

things.  Maybe how light catches something, or a momentary expression on a face.


 * What would you do if you were not an illustrator?


When I was a child, I remember I wanted to be a doctor or a clown! But I

also love playing the piano, but I was never nearly good enough to make

money out of it.  But I do play gigs with a small band from time to time,

which I really enjoy.


 * What is your favorite music to listen to while creating?


I'm listening to somebody called Kevin Johannsen at the moment.


* What is your one work that you are more proud of?


That's a difficult one - it it's commissioned, then the whole commission,

the 6 pieces I did for P&O on St Ives, because I really felt I answered the

brief for the client in a way that surpassed expectations.




* What's in the future for you in 2010?


I'm meeting a BBC producer for a program where wildlife presenters work with an artist and an animal to create a program where the artist creates a piece of art about that animal.  I'm also going to produce some big artworks about London, the place I live in that I've ignored for so long!

I'm also working on a written and illustrated diary of a stay in Ukraine

(where my Dad came from).


* Do you have any advice for young artist and illustrators?


Follow your heart and trust your instinct!


 * What is your favorite city? Why?


Oh goodness.  I was born in York and have been recently visiting it again.

It is just so beautiful and historic and small enough to walk around too.

York Minster is an utterly stunning building.  There are also great pubs

there, and I've drunk in most of them!  I have lots of happy memories of

growing up there.


* What is your personal motto?


Do as you will and hurt no thing.