Lulu* grew up surrounded by the flowers of her mother's shop, flowers were her first impressions of color and form. In 2002, she graduated first in her class from Koeln International School of Desi


LULU* gathered her first impressions of form and color in her mother’s flower shop in Solingen, Germany, where she was born in 1977. This early inspiration is still visible in her fashion illustration work, now incorporated with references to computer graphics and retro aesthetics.  Her sophisticated illustration process combines hand-drawn and computer elements to make up the formal and technical synthesis that defines LULU*’s widely appreciated illustration style.

In 2002, LULU* graduated at the top of her class with a degree in design from the Cologne International School of Design. After experiences working in San Franciso design firm Futurefarmers and Swiss design office Buero Destruct, she started to focus on her own work as an illustrator and settled in Berlin in 2003.

After her first illustration work for Tyler Brulé at Winkcreative, she quickly became known as one of Germany’s emerging talents in illustration design, working for clients such as Bloomingdale’s and Mercedes Benz. In 2005 she was chosen as one of the 20 top visual artists by the American magazine Print, and she was also shortlisted that same year by American Illustration. The following year, she was selected as one of the leading 100 talents in Germany in 2006.

LULU* lives and works in Berlin.



メルセデスベンツ、Kundenmagazin、Daimler Chrysler、Marks & Spencer London、ネスレ、BASF、Ritzenhoff、Penguin Group (アメリカ)、 The New York Times,、Glamour (ドイツ、イギリス、ウェブ)、 InStyle (アメリカ、オーストラリア、ギリシャ、スペイン)、Teen VOGUE (韓国、アメリカ)、Figaro Japon, Harpers Bazaar Japon、BAILA、non-no等