Kumano Gollo was created by Japanese illustrator, CHINO.



CHINO Graduated Nagaoka Institute of Design. Worked in Tokyo and Bangkok in character-MD design production company.
2003 Began his freelance illustration career
2004 Wins the CWC 'Fresh Characters Found' Kirsten Ulve Award
CWC begins representing 'Kumano Gollo', the character that won the award mentioned above.
Characters by CHINO are presented through various media such as illustration, clay modeling, and flash animation. The characters are simplified but they give a lasting impression to the viewers.

■ Exhibitions
2004 Took part in CWC, The Gallery 'Fresh Character Found' exhibition.
Participated in Aoyama Spiral 'Chara-Haku 05' .
2005 First solo exhibition of 'Kuumano Gollo' at Gallery LELE.