Ruri is a world traveler and her illustrations reflect both warmth of countryside and fashionable sense of cities.


Since she has migrated from America, Hungary, Wakayama, and Tokyo, she has encountered numerous native cultures such as folk songs, folk crafts, and religion.  Her unique experiences of these cultures give her illustrations a flavor of folk art and coquettish charm, which includes power, color, tenderness, and sensual feeling with Eastern European taste.


In 2009, she was chosen as a finalist of CWC Chance Ten Competition, which is the gateway to success for young illustrators all over the world.

Ruri work has been featured with many world-renowned companies, and her illustrations appear in postcards, children’s books, and fashionable underwear.


2007 07 ウェディングカードのイラスト Lever son verre 2009 12 ホリデーカード       青山PRエージェント 2010 01 ライブペイント・ワークショップ コフレプロジェクト 2010 04 下着イラスト        グンゼ(株)BODYWILD