Cross World Connections, Ltd.


Junko Wong, President and CEO: founder

Junko Wong was born in Bangor, Maine. Her  mother, a dancer in the famous Takarazuka revue, was the dance instructor to her father, a soldier of the United States Air Force, who was stationed in Osaka at the time.

When Junko was just one year old, she moved to Japan, and then in first grade, moved to Honolulu, Hawaii where she graduated from high school.  Junko then earned a BFA in photography and design at the University of Hawaii before returning to Japan in 1983,where she has lived until the present.

Prior to founding CWC in 1991, Junko Wong was involved in a variety of art projects as a freelance exhibition curator and producer of international art exhibitions.

Junko was the co-producer of "Crossings '86" in 1986, an exhibition that involved more than 100 artists in Japan and Hawaii.  The Japanese artists showed at a myriad of galleries, museums and art spaces in Honolulu and the Hawaii artists showed in Japan over a period of over 20 months.

CWC was founded to represent illustrator Isabelle Dervaux and produce exhibitions by Neville Brody, known as the godfather of graphic design and typography and Jamie Reid known for his iconic graphic collages for the Sex Pistols.



Cross World Connections, Ltd. established (CWC)

Created to plan exhibitions and to promote and produce non-Japanese artists for the Japanese market.  The foundation of CWC started with Isabelle Dervaux, Jessie Hartland, Michael Bartalos, and François Avril.

The CWC logo is created by Isabelle Delvaux.



Relocated office to a larger space and established CWC, the Gallery to provide exhibition space to the exclusive CWC artists and invited artists.  CWC, the Gallery was also available to rent.



Chance Ten Exhibition

A talent search and exhibition for young illustrators.  Member of the inaugural class, included Chico Hayasaki and Yuki Hatori.

This showcase has been held once every two years until the present.



Founded CWC International in New York.
Initially established for Japanese artists to work in the U.S. market and Europe.



Opened the first "Junie Moon" store in Daikanyama to sell Blythe and doll apparel and accessories.



Moved "Junie Moon" to its current address in Daikanyama on Hachiman Dori.
The official Mecca for Blythe fans, also provided gallery space for regularly held exhibitions of Pop art and collectibles.



Established Junie Moon as a limited company for wholesale and retail merchandise.



Created and established the program "CWC VISION," for online instruction for young up-and-coming illustrators. CWCVISION logo created by graphic designer, Neville Brody.



Opened "Gallery Hanahou" at the offices of CWC International. A variety of artists, including artists of the CWC Group, were held on a regular basis.  Solo, as well as group exhibitions based on theme and media were also held.



First antenna shop for popular illustrator, Jeffrey Fulvimari, called "Jeffrey Fulvimari Super Store" opened in Daikanyama.  The shop featured a collection of original products and licensed products leather products (Fukashiro) and afterbath towel products (Uchino).



"LeLe Junie Moon" opens in Shinjuku Marui One, 4F



"salon de junie moon" opens in Osaka.




1992 Timney Fowler Exhibition Planning and Organization

1997 Osaka Dome Character

1999 Dinos Character by isabelle Dervaux

2000 Sunstar Ora2 Character by Jeffrey Fulvimari

2001 Dariya Palty Character by Kirsten Ulve

2004 Shwartzkof Henkel Character:BLYTHE

2009 Canal 4C Main Visual by masaki ryo.

2009 Kinki University Main Character:BLYTHE

1995 Kintetsu Dept Store Main visual by Dovrat Ben-Nahum

1997 Anton Corbjin Exhibition Planning and Organize

1999 Onokoro Character by Jessie Hartland

2000 Rope Main Visual by Dominique Corbasson

2002 Avanti Staff Main Visual bu Jeffrey Fulvimari

2008 Merchandising Product Design by Chico Hayasaki

2009 Package illustration by Francois Avril

2010 Laqua Main Visual by Lotie