Illustrator Agency

CWC is an international agency representing illustrators, producing and promotes the careers of innovative artists worldwide. We work exclusively with world-glass illustrators and character designers for work in Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand -- all of Australasia.


From the design, marketing, and production of "Blythe" fashion dolls to the merchandising of Jeffrey Fulvimari's art, CWC is active in the licensing business both as licensor and licensee of various characters and designs.


Fully utilizing the global insight we have gained over time, CWC plans, develops and produces numerous products that appeal to the Japanese market in this modern era. CWC produced lifestyle goods, stationery and original artwork among others can be purchased through our shop Junie Moon, Lele Junie Moon or through our online shop, accessible via internet or mobile(Japanese only).

We are also able to wholesale to retailers. Please send merchandising inquiries .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) .


CWC publishing division, CWC BOOKS, publishes books that reflect its creativity. Published titles include books with Blythe photography, Illustration a la Mode, Darling Blythe, and more.

More titles in the fields of arts and graphics are planned for release in the future. Currently available titles are available for purchase at juniemoonshop.com.

Corporate Calendar

As well as working exclusively with artists, CWC is always on the lookout for artists whose style and tastes are suited for corporate calendars. We offer to our clients an all-around help in the process, from researching and proposing artists to negotiating usage rights, fees, and contracts.


CWCs in-house design team is referred to as "Junie Moon," the same name as its direct shop. All visuals presented by CWC, including Blythe packaging and fashion designs as well as CWC BOOKS publications, have been designed by our in-house creative team.

The design style appeals mainly to women in their teens to thirties, who appreciate the value of kawaii (cute)-ness. The Junie Moon design team is also available for hire for external design projects.


CWC has many talented animators. Focusing mainly on the characters and the work of illustrators we represent, CWC provides production support for motion graphic projects including TV commercials, TV programming, and promotional videos. Alternatively, we can provide full production services from initial conceptual planning to delivery of final product. We also create animation spots in our own studios.